Photos from elsewhere around the Republic Mine property

The way the mine is laid out, the plant is to the east of the pit, the Michigamme River to the west. There is a dump pile to the northeast, and another to the south of the pit, and the tailings basin was located to the southeast. The public mine overlook site overlooks the pit facing southeast. This is where I shot the pictures documenting the flooding of the Repbulic Mine pit. Click here for an aerial photo overview of the Republic Mine from Terraserver.

This photo was shot from the top of the north pile, looking at the plant. You can see the edge of the pit on the right of the photo and the south pile above it.
Another shot from the north pile. This gives a pretty good overview of the pit.
This was taken from the top of the south dump pile, looking north. You can see the plant, along with Milwaukee Lake to its right.
Shot from the floor of the pit, looking west. As you can see, CCI had already begun flooding the pit at this point, so obviously I wasn't at the lowest level. The cavern you seen in the wall on the right side of the photo was the location of the primary crusher.
This is again from the floor of the pit, from roughly the same location, this time looking east. Actually, probably a bit northeast. I wasn't using a compass at the time, and being several hundred feet below the surface in an iron mine, well...
Taken from the south rim of the pit. You can see the north wall of the pit, along with the north dump pile. Just to the left of center, you can see where river water is flowing into the pit to flood it.
This is a wide angle shot, taken from the top of the north pile, looking southeast. Toward the right side of the image, you can see the road curving down into the pit.
Shot from roughly the same location on the north dump pile, this shows a portion of North Republic, and the Michigamme River basin in the upper left. The body of water in the center of the photo is Mirror Lake.
Before flooding the pit, CCI removed all the equipment and sold much of it off, either for re-use elsewhere or for scrap. Small by today's standards, here is one of the shovels, parked along a road between the pit and the south dump pile in 1998.
A row of dump trucks parked to the south of the pit in 1998. Like the shovels from the Republic Mine, these trucks are small in comparison to those used in today's mining operations.

While the shovels were left at the bottom of the pit when the mine closed (see my photo from 1992,) the trucks were parked an placed up on blocks. Here is an aerial photo where you can see several rows of parked dump trucks. When I visited the mine in 1998, three shovels were parked along the same road, just west of the dump trucks.

I drove past the mine in January, 2002. While I didn't feel compelled to hoof it in, I did take a couple shots from the road, and tried out a new telephoto lens. Following are three images of the ongoing demolition of the buildings, all shot from the same spot on the road, overlooking Milwaukee Lake.

February, 2002. The plant is coming down quickly. Less than a month after my last visit, there's considerable change. Here are four more pictures, like last month's, all shot from the road.

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